Human trafficking has been a reality for many years in countries around the world, even our own, Namibia. This has recently been referred to as trafficking in persons (TIP) and it is illegal around the world.

Our families, our loved ones, all of us, are persons vulnerable to this sophisticated network and we have to know how to protect ourselves, our children and loved ones from harm.

These networks use methods that we can easily miss. Some of the simplest ways to identify types of behaviour commonly associated with human trafficking are usually, the easiest to ignore. Here are some common signs that some form of rights abuse is taking place and people are exposed to a form of modern day slavery.

When in doubt or have witnessed any of this type of behaviour, contact the Namibian Police or Gender Based Violence Lifeline and voice your voice immediately. It may save a life.

Covert communication methods are used regularly to confuse or even undermine victims. So how will one know when and if human trafficking is happening around you, or to you?

A person might be a Victim of Trafficking (VoT) when the following indicators, or only a few of them, are present:

  • The person appears to be under the influence or control of others.
  • They have old or serious, untreated injuries.
  • The person is withdrawn or appears frightened or intimidated.
  • He/She may be unable to answer questions directed at them or speak for themselves.
  • When answering questions, they appear inconsistent, or sound rehearsed.
  • Does someone else hold or control their identity documentation?
  • The person appears afraid of the authorities or police because they fear removal or deportation or what might happen to their families.
  • Are they travelling on a last-minute booking paid by someone else in cash?
  • The person appears unkempt, may look and speak differently to others in their group or may appear malnourished.

Report suspected cases of human trafficking to the
Police: Call 10111 | Call or SMS 106

Trafficking Facts and Stats

According to ILO report from 2014 human trafficking generates approximately US$ 150 billion a year

Persons trafficked as stated on 27 million websites
Enslaved Globally According to BBC
Children are fighting in wars as stated by Their World Organisation
Persons in Modern Slavery according to International Labour Organisation